Automated Delivery System

        It has been another profitable year. Profits are up over last year, even with the holiday rush being smaller than previous years. On a related note, I’ve completed my latest invention. My new invention is an automated delivery system! All the customer will have to do is order their products through their smart phones or computers and they will be delivered to them by robotic drones in one hour or less of purchase. I believe this would help out businesses all across the world because it eliminates the need for retail store fronts and traveling salesmen which can reduce costs up to 40%.

        The reason why its called “Retail Apocalypse” is that Amazon has already implemented the use of robots into some of its warehouses however Amazon’s model requires human oversight. I believe my model will last longer and be more efficient with no oversight from humans, reducing costs further compared to Amazon’s warehouse robots for the end user.

        The only problem is that such a system requires America’s infrastructure such as power lines and internet access in most places of the country which would increase costs upfront by around $670 billion dollars total including labor fees however unlike public works spending, this investment would pay off within its first decade and even help grow the economy…

                I saw this article on my Facebook news feed and raised an eyebrow at it. It was obviously a scam of some kind because the content seemed too good to be true. However, if one were to give him even $1 of their hard earned paycheck they would make it back within a few months. The problem with giving money away like that is it ends up as more of a donation than an investment and some people do that quite often without thinking about where exactly their tax dollars go. I had also seen quite a few silly memes regarding investing in Africa or China, some meme which gave me a hearty chuckle. I decided to make a Facebook meme about it and make my own satirical view of where exactly their hard earned tax dollars went. Enjoy!

By: Blaine Thurber

                This meme was later taken down by Facebook for containing “political content” but, screenshots were saved before it was removed from existence.  If this article has offended you or made you laugh then please help further Ethan Roberts’ dreams of monopolizing the retail industry by donating to him via PayPal at his email address: [REDACTED] .  

                Disclaimer: This blog does not represent the views of the Federal Government of the United States of America, just myself who is a citizen who believes in personal freedoms and individual liberties along with reason and science. Not religious or politically motivated in any way, shape or form.

#RetailApocalypse, #FBICensorship, #PoliticalMeme, #EthanRoberts, #PayPalSucks (Hahaha! Fuck you PayPal!)

By the time I finished it had already been 24 hours since I last slept but that’s okay because it was worth it knowing something political got me wound up enough to write again. Every good writer needs inspiration and sometimes that motivation comes from the most unlikely of places so without further ado let’s get this shit started!     On one hand there is Ethan Roberts who lacks any knowledge of how the U.S.’s infrastructure works.

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