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Construction junks, when combined with demolition waste, can usually be described as C&D (i.e. Construction and demolition wastes in Fairfax, VA. There is however a slight distinction between them. Construction debris is usually transported to landfill using open trucks or trailers. They are also more uniform, lighter, and less weathered than demolition trash.

Major types

Construction junks are made from construction, refurbishment, and site clearance. It can generally be divided into two main types: inert and non-inter.

Non-inert forms of biodegradable materials like bamboo, timber, packaging, and waste, are all non-inert. Most of these materials can be easily disposed of and recycled. The inert materials are not biodegradable, contrary to popular belief. Concrete, bitumen, and rubble can all be used for land formation.

Concrete and asphalt can also be used for property maintenance or construction.

Trash Removal & Disposal Options

There are many options for C&D debris removal. Experts in trash removal have many options. The easiest way to use construction dumpsters is to fill them and then call the waste management company to empty them.

Waste management companies consider recycling the best option to send C&D waste to landfill. The workers separate the debris into various groups, and those that can’t be recycled are sent to landfills. Recycling is cheaper and better for the environment.

Waste management strategies

Construction debris removal Fairfax VA services focus on waste management that is safe and practical. They pay particular attention to the following objectives: reducing trash production, maximizing reuse and recycling efforts, and reducing landfill conditions due to mixed construction debris.

Construction debris is a serious problem. It is important that the construction industry remains engaged in the problem of controlling the amount of debris. It is possible for the industry to focus on key issues such as not dumping mixed debris in one place and following reuse and recycling wherever possible.

Construction is one of the biggest junk producers. It is possible to reduce the amount of inert junk if sub-contractors and contractors work together. They can also use good practices and technologies to reduce the amount of trash generated and keep the environment clean.

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