Artificial Bushes Are Nice Compliment to Fake Trees

Man-made bushes are a nice addition to artificial trees when decorating a commercial or residential space. Artificial bushes can be purchased in a variety of styles and sizes. Natural plants, such as boxwood hedge, are often imitated to allow “growth” indoors. Some examples of commercial uses would be: shopping malls, casinos, office complexes, banks, and hospital settings. Greenery of this nature is complimentary to artificial trees due to the height and width of the bushes chosen. Many of these plants can be combined to create a hedge or larger plant creation. Sometimes, the greenery is placed at the bottom of a faux tree to create the look of a natural plant setting. The effect of combining these products is very real looking decoration that requires very little maintenance and infrastructure. In addition, the durability of the artificial products is hard to beat. Rarely has there been a case of an indoor plant being damaged due to vandalism or neglect. They just need to be dusted off occasionally.

Artificial bushes can be found in outdoor settings as well. Commercial courtyards, common areas and entrances are often lined with a fake hedge or bush. The taller silk trees give height and texture to the surroundings. In order to make an area totally water free, many custodians are decorating with rock or artificial grass as a ground cover. This eliminates or reduces weeding to a bare minimum. Some products claim to be U.V. resistant. This will vary with each supplier and product. Since most of this product is manufactured in the Far East, be sure that you match your product with the appropriate usage.

Artificial plants and trees are a great way to finish of your business area or your balcony at home. You will not hurt your back moving them, they won’t require a gardening force, and they will not need a drip system that could flood your property. If you are sneezing constantly they might even help with your allergies. Feel free to enjoy glove-free gardening with artificial bushes in the New Year.

Lawns and Gardens hold a special place in any homeowner’s heart. But as the busy world we live in takes its toll, caring for them becomes more and more of a challenge – to the point where many homeowners don’t even bother with their lawn or garden anymore.

The result is that there are a lot of lawn owners out there who avoid looking after their lawn or garden because it’s just too much of a burden.

Bristol Lawns and Landscaping provides a comprehensive maintenance service to clients all across the Bristol region – no matter how big or small your garden is, or how mixed or diverse your ideal look is, we can help you.

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